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Technical details

Program features Version
Does NOT depend on any file system. Does NOT depend on any OS functions. It works only at BIOS level that enables you to install it in any computer. 1.0+
Enables you to boot any operating system. 1.0+
Up to 36 simultaneous independent partitions with any file system. Effective solution for breaking limitation of 4 partitions in MBR. 2.0+
Up to 20 operating systems using any 4 of 36 partitions. Ability to extend number of OSes using plugins. 2.0+
Built-in fdisk for easy creating, editing, deleting, sorting of the partitions. Partition map gives you visual environment for work with partitions. 1.0+
Built-in disk editor which enables you to change contents of raw sectors. 1.0+ Prof
Built-in Setup dialog for operating systems. Enables manual optimisations of your OS settings and also some very useful tricks unreachable by other boot managers. 1.0+
Buit-in support for up to 8(4) hard drives. Special support for Microsoft operating systems to boot them from second hard drive. 3.06+ (2.0+)
Full support of drives larger than 8Gb. Automatically adopts to any drive geometry (Normal, CHS, LBA, etc) set in BIOS. 2.0+
Partition search facility which helps you to repair partition structure of disk in case of its damage. This is an unique tool of SyMon which does not exist in other boot managers. The following file systems are supported by now: 1.0+
  • FAT16, FAT32, EXTENDED and their LBA-modifications
  • QNX
  • Linux ext2fs
  • NTFS
  • HPFS, OS/2 Boot Manager partition
  • BeFS
  • FreeBSD
Password setting/checking for each OS, floppy booting, accessing the tools 1.0+
Timer to start default operating system. Supports range from 1 to 600 seconds. Timer can be disabled. 1.0+
Default cursor position in boot menu which can differ from default OS being booted by timer. 1.0+
Turning off the power for ATX power supplies from boot menu. 1.0+
Plugin support. Plugins enable you to achieve practically unlimited functionality of the program without any modifications in basic module. Please refer to Plugins section to check for available plugins. 3.0+
Color palette support. Everyone can edit colors as he/she likes. 3.0+
Fine tuning services: disabling floppy booting, turning power off, changing the hard drive. 3.0+
Hidden start of default OS. In this case menu is activated only when user press and holds [Left Ctrl] during start of SyMon. If the key is not held down default OS starts automatically as if it was no boot manager installed at all. 3.0+
Capable to be started from floppy on behalf of hard drive that is especially useful for professionals who specialize in reparing of hard drives with lost boot structure (MBR, hidden partitions etc). 3.0+
Support for RAID controllers by HighPoint Tech 3.01+
Support for user defined font in boot menu. 3.06+
Support for time table to start default OS. This feature enables you to start different OSes after timeout depending on the current time. 3.06+
Built in plugin setup dialog which enables you to set passwords for plugins and select default actions for OSes acquired from plugins. 3.06+
Capable of being installed on the track 1 of the hard drive. This feature is important in order to prevent conflicts with another software on the track 0. Recommended whenever possible to move the 1st partition away from the cylinder 0. 3.12+
The SyMon installation and setup system now supports a partition creation on the hard disk. It is also capable of creating subpartitions (logical disks) within extended partitions. 3.13+
Formatting of partitions for file systems FAT16, FAT32. It is possible to specify such formatting parameters as: cluster size, number of FAT copies, number of reserved sectors. Quick formatting takes only a few seconds! You will find this feature in the SyMon installation and setup system. 3.13+
Booting the computer directly from the CD-ROM. This feature is supported by the special plugin (CDDRV.PLG). The plugin also prevents removing SyMon while installing such OSes as Windows 9x, ME. Thanks to this plugin you don't have to re-install SyMon after you have installed one of these systems. 3.13+

All these features are implemented in pure assembler so the binaries can fit into first track of the hard drive and not be located within ANY file system. So you need not have any special OS (usually MS-DOS, Windows 95/NT or Linux) installed specially for maintaining your boot manager software.

Your lovely boot manager!

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